Eesti Höövelliist


Eesti Höövelliist participates also in year 2015 in Estbuild.


Eesti Höövelliist participates in exhibiton Estbuild 2015. You`re welcome to visit us in hall C, stand 44 from 8th till 11th of April.

Eesti Höövelliist in 2014 exhibiton

  • Let us introduce - Eesti Höövelliist

    Overview of our company - You have to see thisClick here to see the video
  • Eesti Höövelliist is among few companies with continues exce...

    Eesti Höövelliist is one of nine companies in Estonia to who has been given AAA (excellent) credit rating in Estonia in 5 continues years.
  • Eesti Höövelliist participates in fail Estbuild 2014.

  • OÜ Eesti Höövelliist own production in Sweden

    At the end of 2011 OÜ Eesti Höövelliist acquired the company, Prolist Nordic AB, who is producing painted MDF mouldings.
  • OÜ Eesti Höövelliist opened a distribution center in Sw...

    During the second half of 2011 opened EHL Prolist AB. They serve the builder merchants and the housing industry in Sweden. Our aim target is to offer proffesional service, on time deliveries and high quality wooden- and MDF mouldings for the Swedish market. At EHL Träprodukter in...
  • Eesti Höövelliist is certified